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Environmental Charter Click Here to Learn About Canon’s Green Initiatives
OE partners with the top technology partners in the industry.  These industry leaders are innovative through their energy star-rated office solutions and environmental efforts.

Our partnership with our manufacturers addresses many key areas of concern, including environmental sustainability. Together, our approach to “greening” has evolved into practical applications that we are proud of. Many of our products have been recognized with numerous independent third party awards and ratings, including praise for environmental awareness and superior sustainability performance.

Organizations globally are focusing on green initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint. Canon, Sharp, HP, Francotyp-Postalia, and Dahle have made the environment a key focus of their business today. This focus places the environment at the very heart of their product design process. Each organization makes a strong commitment to manufacturing products and designing services that address sustainable change for a positive environmental impact. By lessening CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption, the manufacturing process is less dependent on electricity, gas and fuel oil.

OE’s GreenPrint initiative represents our company commitment to the environment.  We strive to fulfill our responsibility with customers through product performance and a decline in operating costs and consumables.  We will always propose solutions that have the smallest environmental footprint and will look internally for changes that make a positive difference.

Some of our GreenPrint initiatives include:
  • A cardboard and paper recycling program, saving over 30,000 lbs. of cardboard and over 10,000 lbs. of paper annually from going into landfills
  • Recycling scrap metal and plastic annually from used copiers and printers
  • A softwood skid composting program to reduce landfill
  • Advising all employees to shut down their computers at the end of the workday
  • Using fluorescent and energy efficient bulbs exclusively, which typically last longer and use less energy than traditional light bulbs

Together, we can all make a difference…