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Managed Print Services

According to estimates by Gartner Group, businesses spend between 1 and 3% of their total yearly revenue generating documents. At the same time businesses dramatically underestimate their total print expenses and needs. Making this problem worse, many businesses fail to have measurable cost controls implemented.

Save up to 30% on Your Total In-house Printing

By managing print requirements effectively, your business can save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs. Developing a total print management strategy can increase your productivity while lowering your total operating costs.

At OE Business Imaging, we understand the importance of making the most of the assets you already have. Our managed print services are designed to help organizations control the cost of printing and improve productivity by properly distributing current assets and replacing inefficient devices.

In order to customize your print environment, we conduct an assessment of the way your print devices are currently being managed. Through this assessment key questions are answered:
  • What types of documents are being printed?
  • Which departments and users print the most documents and how often?
  • What is the calculated cost per document printed?
  • What goals are not being met?
  • Are there specific manual workflows that can be automated?
Our print assessment will provide:
  • Collection of printing statistics
  • Analysis of associated print costs including equipment, service, and consumables
  • Recommendations for creating a better print environment

Documents Drive Business Processes

At OE Business Imaging, we understand that documents drive business processes. In fact, they are the key vehicles that move information through your organization. Our Managed Print Services program may be the right solution for your business.